Short Courses



Teachers:Phil and Frank

Brief overview:Geography focuses on developing students' knowledge and skills to explore and understand the world around them. This is achieved through the study 3 main areas:

  • Exploring people, place and change
  • Exploring the physical world
  • Exploring how we interact with the physical world.

Subject Highlights:

Phenomena based learning - Natural Disasters Project

Students have completed a project on natural disasters, where they created an informative leaflet, radio broadcast outlining the impacts and a television broadcast describing the responses. They worked in small groups and learnt an array of communication skills.

Subject: Science

Teachers: Phil and Deirdre

Brief overview: The new junior cycle science specification is strongly student-centred, having a clear focus on what the students can do to develop and demonstrate their scientific literacy. Science at Firhosue ETSS will seek to will promote inquiry-based teaching and learning in 5 learning Strands.

  • Strand 1: The Nature of Science
  • Strand 2: Earth and Space
  • Strand 3: The Chemical World
  • Strand 4: The Physical World
  • Strand 5: The Biological World

Subject Highlights:

So far this year students have completed a project on building cells, where they have created individual models of various animal and plant cells. Students have also carried out inquiry-based experiments on states of matter in chemistry and they have created videos on the history of the Universe.

Subject: Digital Learning

Teachers: Deirdre

Brief overview:Digital Learning is present in every aspect of modern society. The course looks to build on Digital literacy skills that students have already accumulated. Fundamental understanding of how computer hardware and software operate and relate to everyday life is an increasingly important area of learning for students. Students will proceed to use these skills to be create movies, presentations, and learn basic programming skills.

Subject Highlights:

So far this year we have created videos using iMovie to depict their ideal technology creation for 2050 using Phenomenon Based Learning. We have started to have meaningful conversations about the challenges that arise when we carry out research online. We have also focused on file management and learning how to navigate our way around our iPad in a logical ordered manner.

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