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CJH.png Welcome! Fáilte! Bienvenue! Bienvenido! Willkommen!

It’s a real pleasure to welcome you to our Board of Management (BOM) page. Our first BOM was constituted in October 2018 and our term of office ran until 15th October 2021. Our new Board has been established and we are delighted to continue the great work of our previous Board in the development of our school until 2024.

We are grateful to have such a committed and dedicated group of volunteers on our BOM who bring with them a wide range of knowledge and experiences. They bring creativity, optimism and a passion for our new and developing Educate Together Secondary School. Another evident quality is their willingness to embrace the unknown as we grow our school community together.

The BOM exists to ensure that excellent governance is in place to enable the smooth, effective and efficient operation of the school and to support our Principal, Claire, and Deputy Principal, Andrew, in their day-to-day running of the school. We take an active interest in how the entire team are getting on in facilitating and supporting learning and teaching for our students.

The Educate Together Charter is focused on four key principles which we are working on continually within our school community: 1) Equality-based; 2) Young person centred; 3) Democratically run and 4) Co-educational.

We, as a BOM, fully endorse and support the ongoing development of our school as a restorative school. We are doing our very best to live our RESPECT values (Relationships, Equity, Safety, Personal Accountability, Empathy, Community and Trust) in the process. We even conduct our BOM meetings in a circle as we all strive to be our best selves!

We have 11 members of our BOM and a Recording Secretary in attendance at our meetings. Our Patron, Educate Together, appoints two members; our teachers elect two members; our parents/guardians elect two members; the students elect two Associate members and the BOM co-opts two community members. Our Principal, Claire, is Secretary to the BOM. Once the Board has been constituted it becomes a body corporate and this means that members are no longer representing any particular grouping or constituency. We have a collective responsibility and our deliberations are completely confidential. The Board may issue an Agreed Report after its meetings. You will find the names of our BOM members and Agreed Reports below.

Best wishes,

Conor Harrison

Chairperson, Board of Management


Conor Harrison | Patron Nominee and Chairperson

Anne Grills | Patron Nominee

Adrian Devitt | Parent Nominee

Catherine Kelly | Parent Nominee

Deirdre Cassidy | Teacher Nominee

Phil Marillat | Teacher Nominee

Lily Dunne | Associate Member (2021/22)

Jude Woodfull | Associate Member (2021/22)

Carly Bailey | Community Nominee

Darren Murphy | Community Nominee

Claire Matthews | Principal and Secretary

Andrew Maloney | Deputy Principal

Below you will find the agreed reports from our BOM meetings 2021/22:

BOM Agreed Report 1 | 19/10/2021

BOM Agreed Report 2 | 29/11/2021

BOM Agreed Report 3 | 11/01/2022

Below you will find the agreed reports from our BOM meetings 2020/21:

BOM Agreed Report 1 | 06/10/2020

BOM Agreed Report 2 | 17/11/2020

BOM Agreed Report 3 | 15/12/2020

BOM Agreed Report 4 | 02/02/2021

BOM Agreed Report 5 | 23/03/2021

BOM Agreed Report 6 | 27/04/2021

BOM Agreed Report 7 | 25/05/2021

Below you will find the agreed reports from our BOM meetings 2019/20:

BOM Agreed Report 1 | 08/10/2019

BOM Agreed Report 2 | 26/11/2019

BOM Agreed Report 3 Special Meeting | 09/12/2019

BOM Agreed Report 4 | 12/12/2019

BOM Agreed Report 5 | 28/01/2020

BOM Agreed Report 6 | 10/03/2020

BOM Agreed Report 7 | 14/05/2020

BOM Agreed Report 8 Special Meeting | 09/06/2020

BOM Agreed Report 9 Special Meeting | 20/08/2020

Below you will find the agreed reports from our BOM meetings 2018/19:

BOM Agreed Report 1 | 23/10/2018

BOM Agreed Report 2 | 04/12/2018

BOM Agreed Report 3 | 29/01/2019

BOM Agreed Report 4 | 12/03/2019

BOM Agreed Report 5 | 10/04/2019

BOM Agreed Report 6 | 0705/2019

BOM Agreed Report 7 | 23/05/2019

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