First Year students took part in the 'Lemme Start' poetry workshops, facilitated by Kevin McDermott. It was a great opportunity for students to explore their poetic voices and express themselves. The students were guided by Kevin and produced a collection of poetry by the end of the workshops. Thanks to Poetry Ireland and Arts in Junior Cycle for this wonderful opportunity. Check out some of the poems below.


Adam Devlin.pngKaitlyn Poem.jpg

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This year, many of our students focused on developing their oral skills, by using their iPads to full advantage. One app seemed very popular - Flipgrid. Students can respond to oral questions left by the teacher. They can decide to rerecord and edit their videos which gives the students space to focus on accuracy and fluency at their own pace. Check out the video below where some of our first years describe their families.

French (MFL)

Many of our students took part in the 'What's Your Story' showcase, a national MFL digital story award. This award encourages students to combine their language and digital skills through the practice of digital storytelling to tell their own story. This exciting and engaging initiative supports many of the junior cycle learning outcomes and provides students with the opportunity to use their language skills for authentic purposes. As you can see from the videos below, a lot of learning and creativity has gone into the videos.

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