VSware for Parents/Guardians

VSware for Parents/Guardians

Name of App for Phone Download: VSware

VSware Desktop Link: https://firhouseetss.app.vsware.ie

We are delighted to be using VSware as the primary app between school and home. VSware not only allows us to communicate with home, but also allows you access timetables, submit subject options and check in on the engagement at school. Most recently, VSware has developed software for the attendance records and also for the fees, meaning that we do not have to outsource these functions to other apps or websites.

On August 29, a Zoom presentation was given by Andrew, our deputy principal, that gave an overview of how we use VSware in Firhouse ETSS. Ac copy of this presentation can be found here:

Firhouse ETSS VSware Presentation for Parents & Guardians (29/08/2022).pdf

Below you will find a series of guides provided by VSware that is broken up into different themes. We hope you will find these useful as VSware is an excellent app to keep up to date on key information about your child. It also allows you to keep updated through our VS-Mail service.

Section A - Getting Set Up on VSware

1. Downloading the App and Logging In Tells you how to download and log in to the VSware app. Guides you how to turn on push notifications (so you get our communication alerts), and also how to login on a desktop computer.


2. Navigating the Dashboard Explains the various features you can find on VSware (both the app and desktop formats).


3. Personal Information Provides an overview of the personal information we have on the student (information that comes from the enrolment documents you provided).


4. Fees Outlines how the fees section works, how to view and pay for fees.


Section B - Teaching, Learning, Assessment & Reporting

1. Timetable Explains how to view a student's timetable when it is published by the school at the beginning of a new school year.


2. Options Outlines how to go about choosing option subjects when the time comes. Option time is only ever done at the end of term 1 in 1st Year, at the end of 2nd Year, and before going into 5th Year.


3. Engagement Indicates how to find out if there are any issues in subjects (e.g. classwork/homework) and to find information when tasks are submitted in various subjects. Please note that it is called 'Behaviour' on VSware but for us, as a restorative school, we use it as a place to update you on student engagement.


4. Assessment Informs parents how to access term reports. Please note that our CBA data is included as part of term reports and not in a separate section.


Section C - Attendance

1. Attendance Overview Gives information as to how to monitor your child's attendance and get statistics in relation to attendance.


2. Submitting an Absence Request Outlines how to submit an absence request to the school in advance and what happens if you do not do this.


Section D - VS-Mail

1. How to use VS-Mail Explains what VS-Mail is, how to send a message, and what happens when you get sent a VS-Mail by the school. It also advises how to manage your inbox and delete messages you no longer need.


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