Senior Cycle

Senior Cycle

5th and 6th Year Overview

Firhouse ETSS is proud to offer both Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA) and Leaving Certificate Established (LCE).

Below you can see the presentation we used on the 29th of February 2024 to help guide parents, guardians and students when choosing which programme to take.

Senior Cycle Parent.Guardian Presentation.pdf

*For our current TY students, this is what the next few weeks will look like in terms of looking ahead to senior cycle*

Key Dates What's Happening
Thursday 29 February 2024
  • Andrew and Eoin will do a 30 minute Zoom call outlining the differences between LCA and LCE. This will take place at 7pm and the link is here (Passcode is: hello):
  • It will be an opportunity for students and parents/guardians to explore both programmes. We ask that any questions you have about moving into 5th Year be asked via this Microsoft Forms in advance of the Zoom:
  • After this Zoom event, we ask that you complete a simple Microsoft Form confirming if you are choosing LCA or LCE for your child for next year. Below is the link to the Microsoft Form:
Monday 04 March 2024
  • Deadline for the Microsoft Form deciding on LCA or LCE.

At this stage, depending on whether you have given a preference LCA or LCE, there will de different key moments. Please check out either the LCA or LCE timeline below.

Students who gave a preference for Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA) - Timeline

Wednesday 06 March 2024 (LCA Students Only)
  • Students will be given application forms to apply for LCA.
Friday 08 March 2024 (LCA Students Only)
  • Deadline for the applications to be handed up. All applications need to be in by 2:30pm.

Week of 11 March 2024 (LCA Students Only)

  • Interviews to take place during school time for LCA programme.

After the Spring Break

  • Students will be notified of the outcome of the application and interview process.

Students who gave a preference for Leaving Certificate Established (LCE) - Timeline

Tuesday 05 March 2024 (LCE Students Only)
  • LCE students will be asked their preferences of 11 subjects. This is to whittle down 11 optional subjects (that the school could provide) to 8 optional subjects (that the school will provide). As a small school, we are pushing to provide 8.
  • This will be done in school using the data we get from surveying the students who have chosen LCE.
Monday 11 March 2024 (LCE Students Only)
  • We will notify you as to what the 8 optional subjects we can offer for this group.
  • Now that we are down to the final 8 optional subjects, we need you to preference these again, now from 1-8 (1 being the most preferred, and 8 being the least preferred).
  • This is so that we can figure out what subjects go against each other on the same line, and therefore, timetabled at the same time.
  • This will be done via VSware and the options section will be live from 11 March to 15 March. To find this in VSware, click 'Options' when you click on your child's profile.
Friday 15 March 2024 (LCE Students Only)
  • Preferences for the 1-8 subject ranking will close on VSware at 5pm
After the Spring Break (LCE Students Only)
  • Students will be notified of the outcome of the subject lines

Leaving Certificate Applied (An Overview)

Area of Study 1 - Vocational Preparation

  • Vocational Preparation and Guidance
  • English

Area of Study 2 - Vocational Education

  • Mathematical Application
  • Hotel Catering & Tourism
  • Graphics & Construction
  • Introduction to ICT

Area of Study 3 - General Education

  • Social Education
  • Visual Art
  • Languages (Gaeilge & Italian)
  • Leisure and Recreation

Area of Study 4 - Short Courses/Electives

  • Music
  • Science
  • Reflection Time
  • Check & Connect

Students involved in the Leaving Certificate Applied programme complete one day of work experience a week (each Wednesday).

Leaving Certificate Established (An Overview)

Compulsory Subjects

  • English
  • Irish
  • Maths

Option Subjects Students Will Choose From (out of this list students will decide on the final 8 we can offer.)

  • Art
  • Biology*
  • Business*
  • Construction Studies
  • French*
  • Geography*
  • History*
  • Home Economics*
  • Music
  • Physics & Chemistry*
  • Politics & Society*

* = currently on offer for the current 5th Years

Other Subjects

  • Career Guidance/SPHE
  • Check & Connect
  • Ethical Education
  • Physical Education

Please note, that should student wish to sit an additional or alternative subject, this is subject to the Protocol on Additional or Alternative Subjects as agreed by the Board of Management.

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Final Day of School
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