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Most Recent Update to this Page: 23/05/2023

Wriggle is our technology service provider. They provide the iPad devices and also manage these devices, meaning that the iPads are safe to use for a school environment.

Wriggle is the sole provider of iPads for our school and all iPads must be purchased via the Wriggle Store (see link at the bottom of this page).

What is Wriggle's Service, Support and Training? Why do I need it?

To avoid the risks associated with unmanaged devices and to ensure you are fully supported to get the full benefits from your school device, we have chosen to include Wriggle's Managed Service and Support as part of your technology bundle.

What is included?

Secure Device Management

  • School Specific device restrictions are applied to the device
  • Your device is fully secured for educational use only
  • Your device is safely managed by our team
  • All school apps are preloaded to your device
  • New school apps
  • Updates are pushed to your device as required


  • Full phone and email support
  • Technical support and advice from our team
  • School and 3rd party app support to ensure optimal performance
  • Device reconfiguration to school specifications
  • Device management and app support
  • Device repairs and support
  • Device unlocking should it become disabled
  • Device Management licence and platform maintenance

How much does it cost?

For new students entering 3rd Year (starting August 2023)

The Device

  • 10.2-inch iPad Wi-Fi 64GB - € 415.00
  • Max Shield Extreme-X for iPad 7 - € 50.00

1 Year Support & Management (up until the end of 3rd Year)

  • Jamf Mobile Device Management Licence - € 21.00
  • Junior Cycle - Digital Technology Training Support - € 33.00


  • A Stylus: either Apple Stylus Pen 2nd Gen. (€ 54.99) or Logitech Crayon (€ 79.99)

How do I pay?

To purchase your child's 3rd Year bundle, please follow the below steps:

Please ensure that you have placed your order by July 28th 2023

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