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We thought that we would give you an insight into why we do what we do!

Here you can read our Socratic Oaths; a personalised statement of our commitment to the young people and the community with whom we are fortunate to be with in our school.

Áine Sreenan | Teacher

To empower each student to say, in the words of Walt Whitman, “I celebrate myself, and sing myself’, and to use this confidence to live life in the learning zone.

Aisling O'Neill | Student Support Assistant

All children need is a little help, a little hope and a person who believes in them - Magic Johnson. I want to support, motivate and be there for all our students so that they feel positive, secure and happy in our school everyday.

Amie Brereton | Teacher

Amy Kelly | Student Support Assistant

To be an advocate for students in reaching their full potential, developing their independence, and supporting and promoting their social development as they navigate their way through Secondary School.

Andrew Maloney | Deputy Principal

To help students realise their unique gifts and encourage them to share these gifts with the wider community. I hope to help create a nurturing school environment that encourages students to develop and be their best selves. Also, to encourage a lifelong love of learning, teamwork and sharing, echoing the words of Maya Angelou when she says, "When you learn, teach. When you get, give".

Ann-Marie O'Shea | Teacher

Carol Flynn | Secretary

To ensure that the office is a welcoming and friendly environment for all students, parents and teachers. For the students to feel comfortable to call into the office in the knowledge that they will be treated with respect, kindness and empathy at all times. To inspire confidence in all parents that any requests made are dealt with in a professional and efficient manner.

Catherine Kelly | Teacher

Claire Jéglot | Teacher

To cultivate love for lanugages and cultures, to embrace newness, to create, to communicate and learn in the best environment we can build together! Donnons le meilleur de nous-mêmes!

Claire Matthews | Principal

To spark curiosity in others, to engage and to connect, to learn and to facilitate learning that will support us to be our best selves as we journey through life together...

Colin Macnab | Teacher

Deirdre Brennan | Teacher

I like working in a school environment that is built on professional relationships. I want to help grow a culture of empathy, creativity, independent learning and quality work. I enjoy encouraging young people to think with a growth mindset and to value scientific literacy.

Deirdre Cassidy | Teacher

I want to enable all students to become morally and ethically responsible members of society who think critically, act wisely and work skilfully with the desire to “make a difference”.

Eimear MacCourt | Teacher

Emer Gorey | Secretary

Eoin Houlihan | Teacher

Fiona Power | Student Support Assistant

Gráinne Daly | Student Support Assistant

I promise to be that champion within the school environment. Every child deserves a champion; an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best they can possibly be - Rita Pierson

Hannah Johnston | Teacher

Jack Gorman | Teacher

I strive to engage as many students as possible with Technology subjects. Giving students the chance to develop their creativity, design and problem solving skills in a safe and enthusiastic environment.

John Dineen | Teacher

Julia Camama | Teacher

Niall Halpenny | Teacher

I want to encourage students to think critically about the world around them, to challenge themselves to be the best they can be and to always respect the value of collaboration, hard-work and kindness to others.

Nicole Geissel | Teacher

Phil Marillat | Teacher

To create a fun and safe learning environment for students to grow into independent, understanding people. I believe school is about creating good people not just good learners.

Ruth Kennington | Teacher

Saoirse Page | Student Support Assistant

To create a safe space for all students, to nurture the students individuality and creativity, and to empower the students to be their best self, and to reach their full potential.

Sarah Healy | Teacher

To foster all students so that they may reach their full potential by exploring with creativity, enquiring with curiosity, listening with open hearts, and learning with open minds. Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí.

Sinéad Groarke | Student Support Assistant

I recognise each student as a unique individual with different talents. I endeavour to meet students’ physical, intellectual, social, emotional, behavioural and care needs. I aspire to encourage, support and enable students to reach their full potential in a safe, caring, happy and supportive environment, so they may flourish and be their best self.

Siobhán Lee | Teacher

To foster a learning environment where each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged, so that they may flourish. To model inquiry, risk- taking, collaboration, and resilience. Learning is an iterative process, and I will work to instil that inner discourse within each student. Everyone deserves many chances to dream, to learn, and to be successful.

Thomas Connolly | Teacher

Yanina Fagan | Teacher

To empower and encourage each student to reach their unique potential. To enable and equip students to become critical thinkers and to recognise social inequalities and global risks in society. To holistically support all students through a welcoming and positive classroom environment. To create the classroom conditions that allow learning and active citizenship to flourish.

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