Accessing the school and supporting the safety of our community...

Expectations for accessing the school grounds.
Accessing the school and supporting the safety of our community...

With currently 330 students, a number which is growing, we need to spread the access of students to the school grounds. The safest way to do this is to use the accesses marked that are at either end of Ballycullen Green and have footpaths directly to the school pedestrian gates. We are asking students to enter from either Access A or B as marked on the map in the image. Students will no longer use the main entrance to Ballycullen Green in the morning or at the end of the day. This will be an adjustment but we know that this will help the safety of our students and that of our neighbours in Ballycullen Green. The pedestrian paths around Ballycullen Green are safe and avoid using the Oldcourt Road, which we know is not suitable for pedestrian use.

As always, we are encouraging our students to walk or cycle. For students who live a distance away, we remind our parents/guardians not to drive into Ballycullen Green and to please use the school car park for drop-off/collection. The students have been informed of the access changes. For parents/guardians of students using scooters, please see our Student Vehicle Policy.

A big thank you to the team members who are giving of their time to supervise in the morning and afternoon during the month of September to assist with this transition. We are committed to the safety of our students and to building a positive relationship with our closest neighbours who have been significantly impacted by the building of the school. We appreciate everybody's consideration and look forward to a smoother school day.

29 2024
School Closure - All Day
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